What You Can Do

Our students need quality health and physical education, more opportunities for physical activity during the school day, and healthier school environments. School district administrators can make sure students receive a quality PE program built upon state learning standards. Consider employing the following steps to ensure your district submits a PE plan which meets or exceeds state regulations.

School District Superintendents

  1. Direct your PE/Athletics director to review and update your district's PE plan using the NYSED guide to meeting PE requirements. Use the PE plan template and writing guide.
  2. Talk to school principals and teachers about integrating PE in the classroom and throughout the school day (excluding recess). All time devoted to PE that has an instructional component applies towards 120 minutes per week.
  3. Request that your school district wellness or health committee annually review the implementation of the PE plan. Determine areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  4. Establish a district policy aligned with standards recommended by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education's (NASPE) Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program.

School Board Members

  1. Request an update on the status of your district's PE program and plan. Ask for your district director of PE/Athletics, wellness committee, or school health advisory committee to participate.
  2. Become an advocate for meeting the state requirement of
    120 minutes/week of K-6 PE.
  3. Ensure a PE plan is submitted to the Board for approval and
    to NYSED every seven years.

Physical Education Directors

  1. Develop and review your district's PE plan, using the NYSED guide to meeting PE requirements. Ask your district wellness or school health committee to help.
  2. Use the PE plan template and writing guide.
  3. Submit an updated PE plan every seven years.
  4. Start or review a professional development plan for PE teachers. Contact these organizations for assistance: