Why More PE?

Five Reasons Every NY School District
Should Have 120 Minutes of K-6 PE:

  1. Physical education teaches students how to become fit and healthy for life. PE fosters enjoyment of physical activity and healthier eating habits. Students are less likely to suffer from obesity and chronic illnesses.
  2. Physical education helps kids become better learners. PE improves concentration and raises test scores.
  3. PE helps reduce stress and anxiety, and reduces disruptive behavior. Students focus better and participate more.
  4. Physical education helps students strengthen peer relationships and self-discipline. PE influences moral development, improving judgment and skills necessary to become successful adults.
  5. PE instills a strong sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. This foundation allows students to be more assertive, independent and self controlled.


Click on the articles below to read the research that demonstrates the multiple benefits of physical education for young minds and bodies.